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S. Drenth Taylor II simulatie van het rollerbargesysteem.
Computer program, Report 98.3.LT.5035, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Container flows have been growing ever-bigger during the last decade and they still are. Road congestion and strong environmental regulations make a modal-shift from road to other modes of transport necessary. Enlarging the share of the inland shipping mode in container transport might be a solution. This is only possible when transhipment will become considerably faster and cheaper in the near future.
A possible way of achieving this is the rollerbarge-concept. In this concept barges are loaded horizontally in pre-stacked blocks. An on-board lifting mechanism takes care of vertical movement of the blocks into the ship.

This report describes a Taylor II simulation of the rollerbarge concept. The objective of this simulation is to visualise the concept. Both concept and movement of the containers must become clear by viewing the simulation.
The implementation of this simulation program also is a good introduction to Taylor II.

The result gives a good impression of the functioning of the rollerbarge-concept. As a result of the used block representation of different elements, the graphical presentation doesn't really come up to what was it was itended to be.
Working with Taylor II is not as easy as it seems. A good understanding of the Taylor II software is essential for making complicated models. As a result of the poor quality of the manual it takes a lot of time to become familiar with the program. The user has to use a trial-and-error method very often.

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