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J.W. Pruisken Voorraadsystemen voor lumpy demand.
Literature survey, Report 98.3.LT.5041, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

In this report several methods which can handle products with a lumpy demand pattern will be described. Lumpy demand is the demand for a product that has an irregularity in time and in volume; periods of large scale demands will alternate with periods of low scale demands or even no demand.

Two methods which are not based on a probability distribution for the demand of products will be described. These methods are to a large extent based on exponential smoothing, but are in contrast to exponential smoothing suitable for an intermittent pattern.
The other methods are based on the stuttering-Poisson distribution. The stuttering-Poisson distribution is formed when the distributions of arrivals and the volume of the demand are combined into one distribution.
The methods based on the stuttering-Poisson distribution can be divided into three parts: methods that use different distributions for the ordersizes, methods that will filter out large scale demands and so result a better performance, and a method that is based on a single demand approach.

In this report methods arre described only, they will not be compared to each other or tested on their performance in practice. For this there a following research project has to de done.

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