Delft University of Technology
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Transport Technology / Logistic Engineering

E.C. Brantjes Simulatie van de hikerservice van autoverhuurbedrijven.
Computer program, Report 98.3.LT.5066, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

This is a report on the development of a computer simulation program for the hikerservices of rentalcar companies.

lt is possible for renters of rentalcars to have their car delivered and picked up at their front door. This so-called hiker-service is a logistical problem for rentalcar companies. Smart planning of routes performed by the hikers, can save time and thus money. With this simulation program, different strategies of routeplanning can be tested.

The model on which this program is based is a very simplified version of the real system. Therefor the results won't be very accurate. They can be used as a guideline for planningstrategies.

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