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E.C. Brantjes Flow-capturing locatiemodellen
Literature survey, Report 98.3.LT.5124, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Recent developments in location theory provided a new type of model based on flow-capturing. These models try to locate facilities on a network where the consumption at the facilities to be located depends on the flow of traffic a facility is able to intercept. A customer is considered intercepted when that customer passes the facility on a pre-planned trip. An example of such a model is the problem of location gasstations. Most people don't make a planned trip to a gasstation, but instead fill up their cars on their way to another destination. The goal of the flow-capturing locationproblem is to find the locations with the highest rate of passing traffic.

Depending on the type of information representing the flow, two types of models are developed. The effect of deviations of customers and multi-counting can also be included in the model.

Because this theory is relatively young, research can be done to make the models even more useful to real-life problems in the future.

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