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C.H. van der Knaap 3D ontwerp multi-trailer.
Computer program, Report 99.3.TT.5150, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

As a solution for the traffic jam problems on the Dutch highways, the design of a multi-trailer for use one public roads has been initiated. Trailer combinations up to five times longer than usual will use the over-capacity of the road-network at night.

Several studies related to this concept have been made. A steering system that remains stable at higher speeds has been developed for already existing Terminal-Multi-Trailers, the so-called Safe-Trail system. There has also been a design study for the actual trailer. In this study the Safe-Trail system was implemented and regulations for vehicles using public roads were taken into consideration.

The 2-D drawings that were made for this design study are used in this computer-assignment to make a 3-D model. Some of the dimensions are parameterized in order to make easy adjustments in the model without losing its internal structure.

The software package that was used for the 3-D modeling is called Mechanical Desktop. This is a supplement of AutoCAD, a 2-D drawing program. Mechanical Desktop was never used before in the Section of Materials Handling and Transport Engineering. Therefor the other part of this computer assignment was to explore Mechanical Desktop.

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