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E. Klappe Dynamisch gedrag van een klap. Verticale respons op katrijden
Computer program, Report 99.3.TT.5261, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In this report the simulation in ANSYS of a trolley in motion on the boom of a crane is discussed. It is possible to model a moving trolley in ANSYS using contact elements. The construction of the boom can easily be designed in ANSYS. The dynamic model however is less easy to create. The drive cycle of the trolley used in this report is relatively simple. First it accelerates lineairly, then the speed is lineair and after that the trolley decelerates lineair. Three different speeds and accelerations were used to simulate. AIso other drive cycles can be used, but were not used in this report. The forestay is joined to the boom at three different positions to show the most favorable position. The simulation gives information of displacements and tensions in different parts of the construction.

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