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A.B. van Brakel Container crane construction - pushing the material limits. An investigation into the possible use of high strength steel in the construction of a boom for a container crane.
Literature survey, Report 99.3.TT.5262, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report reports on the possibility of using high strength steel as a construction material for the boom of a container crane.
The investigation has mainly covered the fatigue resistance and fatigue resistance of connection technologies as this is the main limiting factor in the application of high strength steels in the construction of structures that support loads with a cyclical loading pattern.
The result of the investigation is that there is currently not enough data available to be able to utilise high strength steels as a construction material for container crane construction. There is a distinct possibility that this may be possible in the future but this would require a design rethink of connection methods and analytical tools. Some suggestions to this effect are made.

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