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R. Tuk Improvement of the internal goodsflow at the IKEA distribution center in Genk. Part I, preliminary research.
Literature survey, Report 2000.LT.5298, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

IKEA is a worldwide home furnishing company with 154 stores in 29 countries. Goods are produced globally and distributed to the stores via a network of regional distribution centres. The IKEA distribution centre in Genk serves stores in Belgium, the Netherlands and Great-Britain.

The management of the distribution centre sees the potential for increasing the efficiency of the operation. The questions to be answered are: For this purpose the process has been divided in five functional parts: receipt, storage, replenishment of pick locations, order picking and despatch. The routines within these main functions have been described.
For each function a data analysis has been carried out on the goods flow and order flow.
Possible alternatives for the main functions have been described.

The most important results are: Using the results of the analyses the following conclusions can be drawn. The best opportunities for improving the efficiency of the warehouse operation are: Given these conclusions it is recommended to build a simulation model in order to: Furthermore a support tool for dock assignment should be developed. The aim of an optimised dock assignment is a minimisation of the total transportation during loading and unloading.

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