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A.C. van Herwaarden Containeroverslagbrug in ADAMS.
Computer program, Report 2000.TT.5315, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Generally computer simulations are used to gain insight into the dynamical behaviour of cranes. This report describes the results of an experiment done with a multi-body programme called "Adams".
The experiment investigates the vibrations of a container gantry crane, in the direction perpendicular to the quay. When the vibrations of a crane become too large, they can interfere with the normal operation of the crane. Vibrations can for instance cause difficulties in positioning the load. In order to create correct simulations a simplified model of a container gantry crane was first made. This model was translated to the computer programme, Adams. By varying several parameters of the model, important characteristics of the crane can be changed. The results were gathered by simulating different speed and acceleration patterns of the trolley, and monitoring the vibrations of the crane. The results have shown that with certain combinations of characteristical vibration frequencies, disturbing resonances can occur.

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