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M. de Jong Capaciteitsproblemen bij het gebruik van bouwliften.
Internship, Report 2000.LT.5341, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

In this report an assignment of a practical training is being discussed. The assignment concerns a problem with the capacity of the hoists used at the building project of 'De Hoge Heren' by building company Wilma BV. The hoists are placed at two towers of 98 meters each. Each tower has one hoist at its disposal for the transport of people and materials. The problem is that there is not enough hoist capacity to transport everything in regular working hours.

A program of requirements is given to which the hoists have to comply. Also rules have been set to the use of the hoists to make the use as efficient as possible. Subsequently is described what has been done to make an analyses of the hoists. The data that are needed for the analyses and the forms that have been designed to collect the data.

To analyze the problems with the hoists recordings of the hoists have been made. At the recordings all movements of the hoists have been registered, as well as possible remarks. On basis of the analyses and remarks regarding the use of the hoists the problems of the hoists are formulated.

At the end of the report a couple of remarks are given with respect to the use of the hoists. Subsequently the conclusions of the analyses are given. Finally two recommendations are given that can decrease the problem. A manner of operation to make the use of the hoists as efficient as possible and some call up systems to indicate the desired direction of movement of the hoist.

Reports on Logistic Engineering (in Dutch)
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