Delft University of Technology
Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Transport Technology / Logistic Engineering

R.H. van 't Wout Design of database 'High Yield Analysis Tool'.
Computer program, Report 2000.LT.5355, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

The design of a database that stores financial as well as qualitative information is described in this report. This database, called 'High Yield Analysis Tool' (HYAT), facilitates the user's investment decision process. The objective is that the database improves the quality of High Yield information storage and presents an easy access to all financial and qualitative information about High Yield companies.

The different aspects of financial information and qualitative analysis are modelled in tables. The tables are related into an Entity Relationship Model. This model forms the structure of the database that is designed in MS Access. MS Access is used because it is of easy access to user and designer and provides ability to extend the Entity Relationship Model.

The design has resulted in a database that is presenting forms and reports to the user. This output helps the portfolio manager to compare different companies on financial aspects. Maintenance is kept easy. However, it is recommended to create automatic update-Iinks between applications when future extension of the database is desired.

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