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G.P.M. Hof Moderne elektrische aandrijvingen in de transporttechniek.
Literature survey, Report 2001.TT.5437, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The drive system of transport equipment usually contains a reduction gear, often a cogwheel gear, since the rotational speed that is requested by the equipment is regularly much lower than the nominal speed of the motor. At the same time the reduction gear provides an enlargement of the torque. The use of such a reduction mechanism results into extra weight and a reduction of the system's efficiency.

In literature two types of electric motors appear to be well suited as a direct-drive (a drive without a reduction mechanism) in the field of transport engineering: the switched reluctance motor and the axial flux motor.

The principles of operation of both types of motors is already known for a long time, but only the last few years these motors are used more and more as a result of the development of power electronics and the increase of the availability of rare-earth magnets. These types of motors are usually applied in electric vehicles, often as a direct-drive wheel motor (in such a configuration the motor is integrated with the wheel). These motors are also used as a drive for conveyor belts, elevator systems and ship propulsion.

At this moment research is still made into the switched reluctance motor as well as the axial flux motor and the development of both motors has not been finished yet.

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