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K.H. Wallien Market survey on resource planning characteristics for Carmen Systems AB.
Internship, Report 2001.LT.5511, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Carmen System AB is a leading company in software products for resource optimization, specializing in the passenger airline and railway segments of the transportation industry. These segments will in the following text be referred to as the current segments. The software enables companies in the current segments to plan their vehicles and crewmembers in an optimal way and therefore reduce the operational costs.

With successful marketing and sales strategies, involving graduate expansion in small steps, the company has accomplished a sustainable growth in the passed years. Because of possible similarities of other transportation industry segments with the passenger airline and railway segments, Carmen Systems AB wants to expand their sales strategies with a long-term market development strategy involving the introduction of the complete product family in other transportation industry segments. The goal has been set to be the worlds leading resource optimization company for the transportation industry in 2004. Because the transportation industry in total is a wide concept, the first focus will be on the following segments, after this referred to as the new segments:
* Freight airline
* Passenger shipping
* Freight shipping
* Freight trucking
* Urban passenger transport
* Express parcel services

To get a first overview of sales potential in a transportation industry segment, the following information is needed by the management team of Carmen Systems AB: The goal of this report is to give Carmen Systems AB a first look at the new transportation industry segments by doing a market survey on resource planning characteristics and sales potential in these segments. This survey should result in a proposition for a long-term marketing and sales strategy for Carmen System AB concerning this market development.

The followed research structure can be summarized as followed:
  1. Description of resource optimization software products and Carmen Systems AB as a company (chapter 3).
  2. Description of the general resource planning problem in the transportation industry (chapter 4).
  3. Definition of the resource planning characteristics in the current segments (chapter 4).
  4. Current Carmen products description (chapter 5)
  5. List of needed characteristics for Carmen products (chapter 6).
  6. Definition of the resource planning characteristics in the new transportation industry segments (chapter 7).
  7. Comparison of the resource planning characteristics to the passenger airline and railway segments (chapter 7).
  8. Research for sales potential for new segments with all similarities (chapter 8).
  9. Concluding the market survey in a marketing and sales strategy for Carmen in the new transportation segments (chapter 9).
Four conclusions can be made for the sales of the current resource optimization products of Carmen Systems AB:
  1. The passenger shipping and freight trucking segments do not have all characteristics needed for current resource planning products of Carmen Systems AB and therefore will not be included in the marketing & sales strategy.
  2. The freight airlines or freight departments of airlines together with the airline departments of the express parcel service companies can be added to the existing client base of the Carmen Systems AB's passenger airlines.
  3. The urban passenger transport market is the only new transportation industry segment clearly ready for the Carmen's resource optimization products. Competition is not large in number, but strong when it comes to expertise. Therefore experience in this transportation market needs to be developed.
  4. More research on the complexity of resource planning in freight shipping is needed to define possibilities for the current Carmen products and therefore the freight shipping segment will not be included in the marketing and sales strategy.
These conclusions result in the following marketing & sales strategy proposal:

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