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E.G.J. Groen Modeling the dynamic behavior of cable and belt systems in ADAMS
Computer program, Report 2001.TT.5546, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The Material Handling and Transport Engineering section has set up a project called "Dynamic Modeling of Flexible Belt Systems" aiming at developing models to simulate the dynamic behavior of cable systems and belt conveyors. At present within the section a toolbox is being developed in the multi body software package ADAMS to model cable systems according to the massless cable method.
The primary research objective is to verify and test the toolbox developed in the section. Verification implies the creation of models (test cases) and the comparison the simulation results with other results from: Characteristic for the toolbox is the massless belt. The belt mass is represented as an additional moment of inertia added to the pulleys. The pulleys represent all the masses and motion of the system. The belt is reduced to a spring-damper force. Because the belt cannot deform in transverse direction the simulation of transverse vibration and sag is tricked by adding extra pulleys, which can make free translational motions in the transverse direction.

Two different test cases are carried out:

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