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J.W. van de Graaf A traineeship at Facchini.
Internship, Report 2001.LT.5568, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Facchini develops and constructs cargo carriers for the whole line of on road transportations. The type of products differs from aluminium vans and different types of trailers to the more specialized tree transporters or the sugar-cane carriers.

Since a couple of years Facchini has a department responsible for the quality of her products. The most important task of this department was the acquiring of the lSO 9004 certificates. For this it was necessary to documente each process and where necessary to create processes or procedures to assure the quality of the product is maintained.

Now The lSO certifications are received the main task of the quality control department is to control the procedures in order to maintain the certificate. At this moment not each department of Facchini implemented lSO 9000, but it is implemented for the greater part of the company and Facchini is slowly getting used to lSO 9000.
The second task is to control the products for errors.
A department for quality control still is new for Facchini. And the employees of Facchini still have to get used to the phenomenon of inspection. At the moment this inspection still leads to frictions between the production section and the quality control department but as weil between the management and the quality control department.
Though some voices in the company have the opinion lSO 9000 doesn't contribute to the production, implementation for the whole company will continue due to the demand of the clients.

It is important to know that lSO 9000 is only a process control. It controls all processes. However it doesn't give an opinion about the process itself.
Facchini has got a system for selection and evaluation of her suppliers. This is needed for an lSO 9000 certificate. But the quality of this system is questionable. The same applies for the production process. Many parts in the process could be reorganised for better efficiency.

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