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Transport Technology

W.J. Naaijkens Inventarisatie lastopnamemiddelen
Literature survey, Report 2001.TT.5572, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report is a study of literature concerning unit-load handling systems. Its purpose is to give the reader an insight in the many different systems available. It contains a short discussion on functioning and properties of the types of systems available. The systems are divided into three groups: mechanical, pneumatic and magnetic systems.
In the mechanical category the following types of systems are evaluated: hooks and bottom blocks, spreader beams, slings, cables and chains, clamps and tong grabs, c-hooks, pallet lifters and claws.
The pneumatic part provides an insight in the possibilities using air pressure for lifting loads. Different types of magnetic lifting devices are discussed next.
This is followed by a short discussion on determining the appropriate device concerning the financial influence on the choice. The producer often specifies maintenance, and an example of these instructions is given.
General conclusion is that there are many different systems available. The user must try to determine the system best for his transportation process.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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