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Transport Technology

A.F. Huijgen Het energiegebruik van rail- en wegvervoer.
Literature survey, Report 2002.TT.5619, Transport Technology.

Within the Transport Technology and Logistics Section of Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Design, Engineering and Production, a study of the energy consumption of road and rail vehicles was needed.
In a objective way this report presents the factors which influence the energy consumption of road and rail vehicles and which factors should be considered when comparing both transport ways. In this context this report limits to road transport and intermodal railtransport of containers, swapbodies and roadtrailers. By means of a mathematical model, based on a theoretical way of approaching, the energy consumption of both transport vehicles has been calculated in [MJ/tonneskilometer].
The resuits show the big influence of the chosen starting points on the calculations. Secondly in intermodal rail transport a decreasing degree of train occupation and a relatively increasing distance of initial and final transport by road increase the specific energy consumption. General conclusion: In case of short transport distance, transport by road vehicles uses less energy than intermodal rail transport. In case of long transport distance, road vehicle energy consumption is higher than intermodal rail transport energy consumption. At last it needs to be mentioned that an increasing speed causes a relatively more increasing energy consumption.

Reports on Transport Engineering (in Dutch)
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