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M.E.M. van der Horst An express bus system for Bangkok.
Internship, Report 2002.LT.5653, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Although many efforts are being taken, Bangkok still has many traffic problems. The present bus systems in Bangkok are not helping enough to solve the problems. Therefore a new express bus system will have to be developed to help solve some of the problems, especially outside of the center. The new express bus system has to be simple, realize fast traveling for long distances and it must have intermodal transfer points. For these demands a setup has been made.

After looking at the means of transportation and especially the buses in Bangkok, the service areas are chosen. It consists of an outer ring, twelve arteries and an inner ring. The roads used are all 'fast' and include most of the important locations. Then rules are made for the locations of the bus stops and the locations for the transfer points to other means of transportation are given. Rules for routing are also given as well as four routes designed to service the inner ring and especially the transfer points.
The setup has to be supported by a good marketing mix and a very good information system. For this information system, among others maps in buses and bus stops, timetables or frequency indicators are needed.

The conclusion is that the express bus system can be very useful for fast traveling in and around Bangkok. It can definitely be self-sufficient and there is also sufficient demand. When implemented correctly, the express bus system can be an aid against traffic problems and pollution.

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