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A. Parajuli Intelligence applications in transport systems.
Literature survey, Report 2002.LT.5678, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

When a system learns on its own without any external intervention and uses that knowledge in execution of its future tasks in ways similar to humans, the system is believed to have some higher degree of intelligence. The same definition can be applied to the intelligence application in transport systems. In view of this definition, combined with the several other infrastructure developments and the modern state of communication systems, an effort has been made in this concise report to study if there is any 'real' intelligence in the transport systems. It is the attempt of this study to reach at answers to questions like, what kind of intelligence has been applied in these areas, and to what degree, what property of intelligent system still needs to be incorporated, what has been the current scenarios and what are the possible future directions, etc.

Accordingly the report has been organized first in defining the intelligence and intelligent systems. Features of intelligent transport systems and the existing so called intelligence in the transport systems are then dealt with in the subsequent sections. Some existing projects and the possible future activities come next in the discussion and finally the report wraps up with a concise conclusion.

Reports on Logistic Engineering (in Dutch)
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