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F.M. Alemayehu Beam-Like Belt Modeling for Vibration Analysis in Belt Mechanisms and Conveyor Systems
Masters thesis, Report 2003.TL.6793, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

For conceptual and other stages of designing of a multibody system, the analysis of vibration, to determine the natural frequencies of all modes of vibration of the system, is essential. For this purpose, several researchers have devised a number of methods.

This thesis has adopted the Finite Element Method, suggested by scientists like Schwab, which is based on the idea of superimposing small linear deformations (vibrations) while the multibody system is on a general non-linear rigid body motion.

In this thesis, a new beam-like belt element has been modeled and vibration was analyzed according to the aforementioned method. The belt element and its kinematic, dynamic and vibration analysis was implemented in existing software called RUNMEC and have been tested for several belt mechanisms and conveyor systems.

At the end, conclusions and recommendations have been drawn based on the results of the tests as compared with experimental and theoretical resuits.

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