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A. el Hadrati Automatische laad-lossystemen van stukgoederen in/uit vrachtwagens.
Literature survey, Report 2003.TL.6826, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In the last years, several systems have been developed for automatic loading and unloading of palletized and non-palletized goods in trailers. These systems can be categorized in: With the use of automatic systems a very short time is needed to load or unload a trailer. In just 5 minutes a long trailer of 13,6 meters can be completely loaded. Disadvantages of automation of loading systems are the required systems in the trailers and less flexibility in the loading/unloading process by automated stationary docks.
Loading systems whereby trailers must be modified, are only efficient in cases of shuttle transport and short cyclic transportation, e.g. between the production and a nearby situated warehouse.
Loading robots are more flexible in the loading and unloading process and require no equipment in the trailers. Therefore the robots are expected to be more frequently used systems in the future.

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