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X.L. Yuan Screw Conveyors
Literature survey, Report 2004.TL.6841, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The objective of proper screw conveyor design and selection is to obtain high volumetric efficiency while keeping power requirements to a minimum. To satisfy this purpose, several factors need to be considered: the actual properties of the material to be conveyed, the conveyor geometry, rotation speed, inclination angle, the pitch length, the intake opening, and even the operation conditions.

In this report, some general theoretical analysis is presented to make the performance of screw conveyors much clearer. The structure is as follows: All models depicted in this report permit the determination of the optimal volumetric efficiency or power requirements with taking account of the parameter interaction among screw geometry, the screw speed, the angle of inclination, the intake length, the screw pitch, the clearance and also the properties of the material to be conveyed.

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