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J. van Klinken De drijvende containerkraan
Masters thesis, Report 2004.TL.6863B, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The higher requirements of and the prospect on a better information exchange in container transport leaded to research on the idea of a floating container crane for board-board transfer. The idea was got by a brainstorm session, organised by the projectgroup "The Container Terminal of the future". The object of this study is a design of a floating crane for container handling in the Port of Rotterdam in order to get more feeling on the feasibility of this concept.
The report is divided in three parts. The first part describes the scope of the design and the background of the floating crane concept for board-board transfer. Some starting points for container logistics are made.
The second part contains the development of handling concepts for the floating crane. In this part three concepts with different characteristics are composed. The first concept is the original crane concept en is defined as a reference concept. The second concept is a simple concept with a fixed crane. The third concept is a more enlarged concept with a moving crane. The three concepts are evaluated with a multi criteria analysis. The concept with the fixed crane is selected owing to the best price-performance ratio.
In the third part of the report the selected concept is worked out in more detail. The most important topics are station keeping and stability. The crane is kept station by winches that are connected to the deep sea vessel. Furthermore the stability of the crane is researched. Finally the productivity and the costs of the concept are estimated.

The final conclusion is that the floating crane seems to be feasible.
The main characteristics of the floatin crane are:

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