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H.E. Bothe Optimisation of a sheartester program in visual basic
Computer program, Report 2004.TL.6870, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

According to the assignment description the shear tester program has to be improved on some fields. The first step was to investigate which components were available and destroy all unnecessary routines. The program consists of 20 forms, 2 modules and 11 class modules. The forms are used for the input and output. The modules contain tools for calculations and actions during the program and the class modules to store the data of a measurement or calculation. The main problem is that this program generates wrong results. To investigate in what way these results are calculated it is necessary to get a better insight in the program and then remove all unnecessary routines and components.

During the program calculations on speed, density, normal stress and shear stress are made on the results or to initialize the program.

The second step is to give the program a new structure and make adjustments to let the application properly work. Major adjustments are made in the following components: New class modules Measurement and Yield Locus are added to store the obtained data.

The last step is to give a manual that will guide a user through the program.

The following conclusions can be made on the program:

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