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T. Sun Finding a minimum cost point in a transportation network
Computer program, Report 2004.TL.6917, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Making the cost of transportation minimum is the desirability of every manufacturer. This report is about a program designed for this purpose. There are two main parts in this report:<

Firstly, we will give you a general description about the theory on which our program is basedùthe Varignon's Frame, and we describe the Varignon's Frame method with mathmatical language which can be translated to computer language easily.

The next part is consisted of a series of examples which show reader the performance of our program. There are some special examples whose result can be easily got. So reader can verify the googd perforemence of our program. The last example is more or less a realistic problem we make up it by assuming that a company wants to distribute its product to almost every big city in the Netherlands.

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