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I. Kusumaningtyas Visualization of Running Belt Mechanisms and the Attempt on Its Control Using Dynamic Link Library.
Computer program, Report 2004.TL.6920, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The project worked on the visualization of a running belt mechanism. The 'Belt Mechanism' application was made in Fortran 90 programming language, with help of CWS package (CADOM Windows System). Furthermore, an attempt to control the animation by using Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file was done. For this, another separate application was made, namely the 'Control Panel'. The possibility to transfer data and procedures from one application to another through the DLL file was investigated.

This report discusses the development of the 'Belt Mechanism' application, 'Control Panel' application, and DLL file. It also gives a review on the method and results of the investigation on the communications between 'Belt Mechanism', 'Control Panel', and DLL.

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