Delft University of Technology
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Transport Technology

E.B.P. Jansen Development of sheartester measurement software
Computer program, Report 2005.TL.7018, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The section Transport Engineering and Logistics of the Delft University of Technology has acquired a new shear tester. This tester will be used for some practical student courses on bulk solids and for research purposes.

The tester is equipped with a digital display and a XY-plotter to process the measurements. After the measurements have been performed, a lot of manual calculation is required before the final results are available. To facilitate the students and the researchers that use the tester, a program has been developed that performs all calculations that before needed to be done by hand. This improves both accuracy and speed of the measurements and calculations.

In this report, the functional requkements for this program are specified, along with a description of the development and explanation of the code of the program.

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