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Transport Technology

M.J.A. Klaassen Inventory of bulk commodity characteristics and flow, handling equipment and bottlenecks
Literature survey, Report 2006.TL.7029, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In this report the results of a literature survey of the section Transport Engineering and Logistics of Delft University of Technology are presented. It gives an overview of dry bulk seaborne trade commodities and of the way they are transported to and handled at dry bulk terminals.
Chapter 2 describes the major and minor dry bulk commodities and their characteristics. Chapter 3 contains the commodity flows all over the world and summarizes the major importing and exporting countries per commodity. Chapter 4 focuses on the commodity flows in the Port of Rotterdam. In chapter 5 the trade development and outlook of the commodity flows are highlighted. Chapter 6 describes the vessels that are being used to transport the dry bulk materials. In chapter 7 extensive descriptions are given of the loading and unloading equipment at dry bulk terminals. Chapter 8 handles the types of transport systems at dry bulk terminals. In chapter 9 the stacking, storage and reclaiming equipment is described. In chapter 10 the three largest terminal operators of Rotterdam are taken under a close look. The characteristics are summarized and bottlenecks are listed and analyzed.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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