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A. Vliem Remote Control of Tomas
Computer program, Report 2006.TL.7036, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report gives an implementation of server functionality in the already existing Tomas Simulation Software. Users of the Tomas software have the possibility to start a TomasModel server that can be connected to by generic client software like telnet or more specific client software like TomasWebInterface that can be found on the CD. This client/server software is only providing an interface for models and not for distributed simulation. This option was already available.

A big advantage of this piece of server/client code is that it's easy to run a multiple of models (can be the same model with different settings) on more than one machine and/or on more than one processor, while the control of all the models is located within one program (telnet or WebInterface). Chapter 1 gives an overview of the general working of the client and server software. In the appendices C, D and E and on the CD the source code and the compiled programs can be found.

Chapter 2 presents a short discussion on discrete simulation and the different ways in which discrete simulation is done on computers. For this discussion I refer to DSOL, an open source discrete simulation object library written in JAVA (J.H.M. Jacobs The DSOL Simulation Suite, doctoral dissertation TU Delft (2005)). This suite supports a lot of different discrete simulation formalisms, like event scheduling, flow- and process modeling. Run-time version of several models in DSOL are available on the CD.

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