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M. Kooijman 2nd trolley systems in container cranes
Literature survey, Report 2006.TL.7075, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The amount of containers that a quay crane can handle within an hour can be raised by the application of a second trolley system. Ship can leave the port earlier, or larger ship can be handled. Many second trolley systems have a platform to store the container temporarily. The supply of containers to the terminal become smoother by the use of a platform, as a result more containers can be handled.

In this literature search several published concepts have been treated. These concepts are second trolley systems with a fixed platform, with a moveable platform, systems with an ongoing container transport and systems without a platform.

It is impossible to designate one concept that fits in all situations. The choice for a concept depends among other things on the available budget, the desired crane productivity and if the concept is applied on a new or existing terminal.

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