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S.S. Kalidien The design of an automatic maintained pipe-conveyor.
Masters thesis, Report 2006.TL.7084, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The pipe conveyor is a conveyor system that encloses bulk material, thus eliminating the risk of dust contamination. The idlers of these pipe-conveyors are components in the conveyor that ought to be regularly maintained. Damaged idlers can damage the belt, the most expensive component of the conveyor. Nowadays expensive maintenance personnel are needed to inspect the idlers, however this very costly and dangerous. Automation of maintenance is a promising alternative for outsourcing maintenance.

The main objective is to design a fully automated maintained pipe-conveyor, which can replace worn out/damaged idlers, without any help of external personnel.

The following subjects will be investigated: After an investigation the following results were acquired: Readers who are interested in a more detailed summary are referred to the conclusions at the end of each chapter of the report or to the Management Summary.

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