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W.S. Lee Developments in the design of installations for pneumatic transport
Literature survey, Report 2007.TEL.7145, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Pneumatic transport in bulk solid handling is transporting small particles in a pipe. In this pipe there is an airflow which has higher speeds than the particles themselves and the friction of air will propel the particles. In 1982 a thesis is written about a model that calculates pressure losses in dilute phase pneumatic transport [J.A. Ottjes "Pressure losses in pneumatic transport. " A model based on particle-wall interactions and particle density distribution", PhD-thesis TU Delft (1982)]

In this report an overview is presented of the developments since 1982 in dilute phase transport models.

A literature study has been done to collect information about pressure loss calculations, particle forces and effects of particle properties that are used after 1982.

There are five pressure loss model found. The traditional methods to calculate pressure drop are still being used. The effects of particle properties are investigated by researchers by using computer models or measurement results.

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