Problem Oriented Modelling and Simulation

H.P.M. Veeke, J.A. Ottjes.
Problem Oriented Modelling and Simulation
Proceedings of the 1999 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC 1999).
July 1999. Chicago [SCS]. ISBN 1-56555-173-7

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Keywords : Industrial processes, Transportation, Model design, Discrete simulation, Process-oriented

This paper proposes to combine the 'systems approach' technique with process-oriented modelling and simulation. The process-oriented modelling concept, in which a system is decomposed into a set of component classes, each with a specific data structure, processes and mutual interactions fits well to the general concept of 'systems approach'. The advantages of this are that during the design phase the modelling can be 'problem oriented' and furthermore a hierarchical structure can be designed. Combining this approach with a modern software platform provides opportunities for flexible modelling an reuse of component classes. As an example the modelling of part of a container terminal is shown. An absolute demand on a simulation tool for practice is its speed and the capability to manage large-scale models. A simple benchmark has been worked out in a process-oriented package 'TOMAS', the kernel of which is a fast sequencing mechanism for managing parallel processes.

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