Prototyping in Process Oriented Modeling and Simulation

J.A. Ottjes, H. P.M. Veeke.
Prototyping in Process Oriented Modeling and Simulation
Proceedings of the 16th European Simulation Multiconference (ESM 2002).
June 2002. Darmstadt [SCS]. ISBN 90-77039-07-4

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Keywords: Discrete Simulation, Process-Oriented, Prototyping, Logistics, Modeling.

This paper presents a method that can be used to design process-oriented discrete simulation models in a fast and flexible way. To that en an informal object oriented Process Description Language has been elaborated and an example of this is shown. In the modeling, the concepts of time management and concurrency of processes are included. A particular view on the process-interaction method in which the active elements are taken to be entities that do the processing, is discussed and applied. The method is intended for complex modeling purposes.

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