Simulation Studies of Robotized Multi Terminal Systems

J.A. Ottjes, H.P.M. Veeke, M.B. Duinkerken.
Simulation Studies of Robotized Multi Terminal Systems
Proceedings International Congress on Freight Transport Automation and Multimodality (FTAM).
May 2002. Delft [TRAIL]. ISBN 90-5584-048-3

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Recently Dutch government decided to allow further extending of the Rotterdam Port area with the so-called “Second Maasvlakte” (MV2). This paper reports on the simulation part of a project concerning the configuration and design of container terminals for MV2. The aim is to determine basic assumptions, preconditions and configuration aspects of the future MV2 terminals. Some general modeling concepts are discussed. The definition and the derivation of the model input from prognoses of future turnover are emphasized in particular. The simulation model is applied to the MV2 case and the results regarding layout, stack dimensions, equipment needed and traffic flows to be expected on the MV2 road network are presented. The results are being used for further design purposes and economic calculations. Though the model in question is at a high level of aggregation, it is prepared to be used for further detailed modeling of subsystems such as terminals and inter terminal transport.

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