Reverse-time Simulation in Production Line Redesign

J.A. Ottjes, G. Lodewijks, K. Meeuwse, W.O.H. van Blijenburgh.
Reverse-time Simulation in Production Line Redesign
Proceedings of the 14th European Simulation Symposium (ESS 2002).
October 2002. Dresden. ISBN 3-936150-21-4.

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Keywords: Process-oriented simulation, JIT, KanBan, Production, Logistics.

Reverse-time simulation in combination with straightforward simulation was applied to support the design of an assembly line of a series of complex products. These products had been completely redesigned in order to obtain “kanban” controlled “Just In Time” production and to minimize intermediate stocks. A buffer with universal subassemblies decouples anonymous “production to stock” and client specific “production to order”. Simulation models are made of both pre and after decoupling buffer processes to study the dynamics of the assembly processes, to determine the decoupling buffer size and to develop rules for assigning personnel to assembly jobs. Currently new production lines have been installed and are in the initial start up phase.

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