A Simulation Architecture for Complex Design Projects

H.P.M. Veeke, J.A. Ottjes, A. Verbraeck, Y. Saanen.
A Simulation Architecture for Complex Design Projects
Proceedings of the 14th European Simulation Symposium (ESS 2002).
October 2002. Dresden. ISBN 3-936150-21-4.

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Keywords: Distributed Simulation, Simulation Architecture, Transportation, Reusability, Interoperability.

This paper presents the functional design of a simulation architecture supporting simulation research from the very start to the very end of a complex design project. The architecture is currently being used in the FAMAS.MV2 research program to investigate terminal structures for container handling on the planned extension of the Rotterdam port area “Maasvlakte 2”. The simulation architecture creates a harmonized simulation environment (a “backbone”) that links and synchronizes the different simulation models during the different project stages into one experimentation and demonstration environment. The result is an architecture supporting multiple simulation platforms in an almost completely transparent way for the users. The design has been successfully implemented and the first simulation experiments have already been performed with it.

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