Reliability of Large Scale Conveyor Systems

J.A. Ottjes, G. Lodewijks
Reliability of Large Scale Conveyor Systems
Proceedings of the Industrial Simulation Conference 2004 (ISC2004)
June 2004. Malaga, Spain. ISBN: 90-77381-12-0

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Keywords : Transport, conveyor system, reliability, process oriented simulation.

The overall performance of industrial conveyor systems for bulk depends on the reliability of individual system components and their arrangement. A model for dimensioning of large scale systems in the early design stage is discussed. In the model discrete event simulation is used for the modelling of equipment reliability and simple numerical integration is applied for the stacking and loading processes. With the model stock pile dimensions, production flow and service rates of a mineral export terminal can be determined. The use of the model is illustrated with a case. The model is generic with respect to equipment break down distributions and customer characteristics. In case of different equipment arrangements the model logic has to be adapted.

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