Transparent Distributed Discrete Event Modeling

J.A. Ottjes, H.P.M. Veeke.
Transparent Distributed Discrete Event Modeling
Proceedings of the 2003 European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM2003)
October 2003. Naples, Italy. ISBN: 90-77381-04-X

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Stand-alone modeling and distributed modeling show considerable differences in methodology and amount of modeling effort needed. An approach is discussed to design and develop distributed models with the ease of stand-alone modeling and without the overhead usually associated with distributed modeling. The main objective is to obtain interchangeability of a stand-alone model and its distributed equivalent, maintaining the model structure in all models and to minimize code alteration and overhead. Important requirements are reproducibility of simulation experiments and model integrity. The process interaction modeling approach appears to be very appropriate for this. Most attention is paid to the interaction between model elements in stand-alone as well as distributed models. Some examples are show in pseudo language and demands on simulation software are derived.

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