Interdisciplinary Modeling for Logistics Design

H.P.M. Veeke.
Interdisciplinary Modeling for Logistics Design
Proceedings of the 10th European Concurrent Engineering Conference (ECEC 2003).
April 2003. Plymouth. ISBN 90-77381-01-3

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Keywords: Design Methodology, Systems Thinking, Multi-disciplined Team-Working, Logistics

In this paper a conceptual model is defined that can be used for the innovative design of logistic systems. The model is constructed by using the systems approach in a formal and fundamental way. It turns out that the model complies with the 'hard systems approach', positioned in a trajectory according the 'soft systems approach'. By this the model is an interdisciplinary tool that serves as a common frame of reference and decision making platform for the different disciplines involved. It enables unambiguous communication. Conceptual modeling of each separate discipline including their different monodisciplinary goals, is reflected by this single model.

The model also serves as a facility to save design conditions and decisions for future innovations. The model forms the basis to build “shared memory”.

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