Simulation studies on Inter Terminal Transport at the Maasvlakte

M.B. Duinkerken, J.A. Ottjes, J.J.M. Evers, S.T.G.L. Kurstjens, R. Dekker, N.P. Dellaert.
Simulation studies on Inter Terminal Transport at the Maasvlakte
Proceedings 2nd TRAIL PhD Congress 1996 "Defence or attack".
May 1996. Rotterdam [TRAIL]. ISBN 90-5584-020-3

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In this contribution we present a generic object oriented simulation model for overland transport of containers between container terminals. It provides possibilities for studies of large scale intra and inter terminal transport (ITT), for example the Maasvlakte, the Rotterdam port area or container transport in the Netherlands. This model is applied to the Maasvlakte situation as predicted for 2005. The main entities in the model are terminals and ITT vehicles.

A terminal has several handling centres which are the nodal points for ITT. Handling centres possess equipment for loading and unloading ITT vehicles. The model is equipped with a rule-based control system. Three types of transportation vehicles are investigated: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) in two lay out variants (water side and landside), Automated Lifting Vehicles (ALV) and a Multi-trailer System (MTS) with manned trucks (FTF). The main performance indicator is the percentage of containers which arrives at the ITT destination late: this is expressed as the Non-Performance percentage.

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