Tomas: Tool for Object-Oriented Modelling and Simulation

H.P.M. Veeke, J.A. Ottjes.
Tomas: Tool for Object-Oriented Modelling and Simulation
Proceedings of the Business and Industry Simulation Symposium (ASTC 2000).
April 2000. Washington D.C. [SCS]. ISBN 1-56555-199-0

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Keywords : discrete simulation, process-oriented, simulation tool, animation

TOMAS is presented as a softwarepackage especially developed for discrete event simulation of complex control problems in logistic and production environments. Based on the experience, that the major part of simulation-effort on these systems consists of programming algoritms, TOMAS is implemented as a toolbox in the application-development environment of Delphi.

The design of TOMAS primarily focuses on problem oriented modelling (ease-of-use), communication with problem-owners, speed and flexibility. A TOMAS model is described by means of the process-oriented approach, where processes are 'normal' object-methods instead of threads.

For verification and presentation purposes TOMAS supports full 3D-animation. TOMAS is now being applied in the simulation of Automated Guided Vehicle-systems for containertransport and for operational scheduling in ERP-environments.

Finally, TOMAS will now be further developed to support distributed simulation and will be connected to qualitative modeling techniques.

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